通常称为地源, 水源, earth-coupled, 或GeoExchange热泵, geothermal heat pumps heat and cool your house using a system of pipes that are buried in the ground. These sealed pipes form a circulating loop—or ground loop—that is buried a few feet underground, 哪里的温度比外面的空气温度更一致, and transport air into your home or business via a heat pump and distribution system installed in the building.

While traditional air-source HVAC systems use coolant liquid and electricity to heat or cool outside air drawn into your home, geothermal systems harness the earth’s constant temperature to heat or cool the air going into your home, moving temperature-conducting fluid through the pipes buried in the ground where it always stays between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of trying to warm cold air in the winter and cool hot air in the summer—as with an air-source unit—geothermal units simply exchange the air from your home or business with the air in the ground, pulling the warmer air from the earth in winter and the cooler air in the summer into your building for more efficient temperature control with less energy and electricity requirements.


地热系统在俄克拉荷马州这样的气候条件下特别有效, 那里的气温波动频繁而剧烈. Air-source systems like traditional HVAC units not only rely on the outside air to manage the temperature in your home but they are installed above ground, 暴露在环境中. 这意味着, 除了试图在夏天冷却热空气, 暖通空调也在与太阳和热量竞争, 让它加倍努力工作. The same is true for the winter—frigid air temperatures and wind chills can cause outdoor HVAC units to freeze up, 导致在最不合适的时候进行昂贵的维修.

因为它们利用了稳定的地面温度, rather than manipulate the outdoor air—which can vary greatly from the indoor air—and they are protected from the elements, geothermal systems use 25% to 50% less energy and electricity than traditional HVAC units for constant, 可靠的, 全年舒适的气流. 和, 与传统单位不同, 哪些会随着时间的推移而贬值,并且维护和更换成本很高, geothermal systems can deliver a return on investment in as little as 2 years with a lifespan of 24 years for inside components and more than 50 years for ground loop components.


  • 更稳定的室内空气温度在您的整个家庭持续, low-level heating and 冷却 that is more comfortable than other forced air systems
  • 节能, 可能会帮你节省70%的取暖费用, 冷却, 热水成本和减少25-50%的用电量
  • Longer operational life (up to 24 years for inside components and more than 50 years for the ground loop, 传统暖通空调的使用寿命只有15-18年)
  • 最低维护要求
  • 更安静的功能,没有室外设备 
  • Visually appealing (underground 安装 means no unsightly outdoor or wall-mounted unit)
  • 环保友好(不使用丙烷), 石油, 或天然气操作,不产生火焰, 烟雾, or carbon monoxide; lowest CO2 emissions and overall environmental impact rating of any temperature-controlling technology)

地热系统也可能包括一个可选的减温器, which supplements the water heater in your home and can reduce water heating costs by as much as 25% or more. 

You can learn more about geothermal heat pumps, how they work, and all of their benefits at the U.S. 能源部.


Geothermal units do demand a higher upfront cost at 安装 than a traditional system, 但他们的投资回报很快, 结合联邦政府, 状态, 和地方 退税 make them more affordable and cost-effective than you might think, especially in the long run. 你也可以用 ClimateMaster地热成本节约计算器 to find out just how much you could save over time on your heating and 冷却 expenses with a geothermal system as compared to your traditional HVAC.


While it is minimal—and significantly less than traditional HVAC units—your geothermal unit will require some maintenance. 确保正常运作和最高效率, 安装, 维修, and annual inspections and maintenance should be performed by a geothermal expert who understands geothermal’s unique planning and implementation requirements. 


尚德热力与空气公司 is proud to be among Oklahoma’s leading geothermal heat and air service providers. 经过30多年的设计经验, 安装, 维护开环和闭环地热热泵系统, we’ve developed the expertise and insight to perform custom heat-loss and 冷却-gain calculations with pinpoint accuracy, and our innovative software allows us to compare the operating costs and payback of various heating, 冷却, 还有水加热选项. This means you can be confident that we’ll create a geothermal system that meets your unique needs, 超出你的期望, 使你的投资最大化. We are certified to design a broad range of air distribution and exhaust systems, 以及地板辐射采暖和多区域系统, for both residential and light commercial retrofit or new construction projects. 安排一个免费的, no-obligation consultation today to find out how geothermal and other renewable energy options can simultaneously help you reduce costs and improve your comfort. 今天致电(405)348-9743,给我们发电子邮件 info@cameroo-info.net,或使用我们方便的网上菠菜网投注 联系表格在这里.

当您选择尚德热风作为您的地热合作伙伴, you’ll experience more than dramatic cost savings; you’ll receive first-class customer service and care, 每一次. 菠菜网投注nate认证维护和维修团队每周7天提供菠菜网投注, 而且我们从不收取周末或下班后的菠菜网投注费——从不. 我们使用最先进的诊断设备来确定必要的维修, and we always treat our customers with the professionalism and respect you deserve from a company that has been serving Oklahoma for more than three decades. Changing the way you heat and cool your home doesn’t have to mean changing your expectations; let 尚德热力与空气公司 help you go green with geothermal.


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